Demetrius Augustus and Leanna Jane Bull Daugherty

Leeanna Jane Bull Daugherty
was born in 1842 according to West Virginia Marriage Records, Her mother Eveline Cochran Bull 1820-1898 was from a prominent family who pioneered Locust Creek, Poncahontas Co WV. 

Leanna's father Isaac Bull, was born in Buckingham Co 1805 and died in Locust Creek, Pocahontas Co WV July 11, 1859.  He was a wagonmaker.  He is buried in Little Levels Cemetery, Pocahontas County/ Greenbrier County Line.  GPS: 38.06327, -80.24724

There is far less known about the Demetrius Augustus Daugherty family history.  He was born in Cambria Co PA, attested to on their marriage record in 1842.  In 1923 he was buried in Walkersville, Braxton Co WV, as was Leeanna in 1930.  His father's name was Cornelius Daugherty, mother was Margaret 1812-1861.

Children of Demetrius and Leeanna were: Sara E. 1865, John Andrew 1866-1935, William P 1868-1950, Cornelius T 'Neal' 1870-, Charles Ellis 1872-1935, George Wallace 1875-, Hayes 1878-, Arthur Lee 'Dick' 1879-1975, Thomas Alonzo 1882-, Teresa C 1884-1966.  This picture was probably taken to mark the turn of the century, 1900.  Location unknown. Provided by Carol Reece, with hand-written names and dates from family records.

Note:  In 1863 Virginia and West Virginia became two separate states.  All locations are approximate and consideration has been
taken to these changes as well as county name and boundary changes.  The website was the source of these
locations as well as,, NARA, and numerous free sites.  West Virginia has been a great resource.

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Sara E.


John Andrew


William P.


Cornelius T

Charles Ellis

George Wallace

Robert Hayes

Arthur Lee

Thomas Alonzo

Teresa C.





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The journey of Demetrius Augustus Daugherty & Leanna Jane Bull 


Demetrius born

According to 1863 marriage records Demetrius was born in Cambria County PA, calculating a birth year of 1842.


1850 US Census

Cambria County, Pennsylvania
Demetrius Augustus age 9



1860 US Census

Cambria County, Pennsylvania
Demetrius Augustus age 19

Marriage Records

Married Feb 17, 1863
Beverly, Randolph Co WV
Demetrius declared 'Soldier'

CoB, 19 battalion Virginia Heavy Artillery 'Atkinsons Battalion'

1900  US Census also verifies year of marriage.


1870 US Census

Battelle, Lewis Co (now) WV
Demetrius  27  Leeanna 27
Sarah E 5, John A 4, William P 2, Cornelius T 4 mo.
Post Office:  Weston

1880-1910 US Census

Kanawha (Northwest Side), Braxton Co WV
Demetrius 38  Leeanna 38
Sarah E 14, William T 11, Charles 9, George Wallace 5, Robert H. 4, Arthur Lee 1

1920 US Census

Salt Lick, Braxton, WV
Demetrius  78  Leeanna 77
George W. 45


Salt Lick, Braxton, WV
Walkersville, Braxton, WV
Demetrius Augustus Daugherty
died December 12, 1923

December 22, 1923
Widows Pension Application filed
note:  Dougherty


1930 US Census April 11


Salt Lick, Braxton, WV
Walkersville, Braxton, WV
Leanna Jane Bull Daugherty
died June 2, 1930



Location of burials
Knawl's Creek Cemetery
Braxton County WV
GPS: 38.829586, -80.503607
Demetrius Augustus Daugherty
Leeanna Jane Bull Daugherty

Bits and Pieces


1 Sara E                       May 13, 1865

2 John Andrew           Nov 12, 1866
       married Columbia Barrickman

3 William P                   July 12, 1868
                 married Laura T. Cockran

4 Cornelius J 'Neal'       Jan 18, 1870

5 Charles E                June 17, 1872

6 George W                 Nov 11, 1875
                      married Nettie A. Milon

7 Robert 'Hayes'          July 20, 1876

8 Arthur Lee 'Dick'      June 12, 1878 
                        married Mae T Bland
                      Walkersville Lewis WV

9 Thomas A                 Sept 26, 1882

10 Teresa Carolyn       June 16, 1884
                           married Scott Rader

Eveline Cochran and Isaac Bull were married October 21, 1837.  We can follow further as Isaac's father was also named Isaac and came from Shenandoah County VA.  He married Ruth Cunningham November 5, 1793.


Eveline Cochran's grandfather, Thomas Cochran,
was born in 1740 in Ireland and was instrumental
in pioneering Pocahontas Co WV. 
Historical sketches of Pocahontas County, West Virginia

More is written about Thomas Cochran