This Chamber Person of the Year is the most prestigious recognition award that the Collierville Chamber and its Board of Directors can bestow upon a member. 

The recipient exemplifies civic awareness, demonstrates leadership, and works for the betterment of the Collierville community. 

1990 Ronnie Jamerson                           
1991 R. Warner Anthamatten                
1992 Fran Barbrick                                  
1993 Madison Wilson                            
1994 James Dempster, Jr.                       
1995 Nancy Joyner Chute                     
1996 Mayor Herman W. Cox, Jr.               
1997 John W.Green                                  
1998 Marvalene Maki        
1999 Tom Brown                                       
2000 Tom Brooks                    
2001 Taylor Stamps  
??2002 George Walker

2003 Randy Houston
2004 Thomas W. Hart
2005 Joseph A. Clayton
2006 Clarene Pinkston Russell
2007 Sherry Douglas
2009 Jimmy Lott
2008 T. Carl Rutledge
2010 Harry L. Smith
2011 John Barrios
2012 Kim Keough
2013 E. Dale Jamieson
2014 Linda R.Dick
2015 Mayor Stan Joyner  

·Nominee or the nominee's business must be a member of the Collierville Chamber of Commerce.
·Nominee should be an exceptional person who has made outstanding accomplishments and contributions to Collierville, its     businesses, and citizens.
·Nominee must have achieved success of a high degree of creative, original actions and initiatives within their profession.
·Nominee must exhibit on-going, consistent commitment and involvement to the betterment of the quality of life within the   community . Nominee must have been an exemplary, active volunteer in civic, religious or other groups committed to some phase   of human or social welfare.
 Current members of the Board of Directors and past recipients are not eligible.